Top 10 Woodworking power tools


As a woodworker, it is very important to buy the best available tools to make your profession or hobby yield better results. Woodworking requires tons of different tools to get the job done to perfection.

Some of the tools required in woodworking are quite expensive and sometimes you may not want to buy them off. In such circumstances, you can borrow tools from a fellow woodworker or even rent tools out.


However, if you want to bring the best out of your profession, you must have all the necessary tools to make your job effortless and perfect. Most of these power tools are easily available on or off the internet through any tool shop.

In order to help you understand how important power tools are, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best woodworking power tools that are designed to help you boost woodworking or metalworking.

Read through the list carefully and list down the tools you can immediately buy. You will most probably require all of these at some point. However, just a couple of them are also enough to get your profession started.

Before buying a tool, ensure that you have done enough research to get the best branded tool available in the market.

  1. Table Saws

SKIL 3410-02 TABLE SAW REVIEWTable Saw is a very important woodworking power tool. It comes in many forms and sizes, particularly in floor and benchtop forms. These saws are also sold in two different styles; namely cabinetmaker style and contractor style. The differences between the two aren’t significant. The cabinetmaker table saw is usually more powerful and has less vibration. Depending on your needs, you can choose a table saw that best reflects your work.

Main features of a table saw:

  • Can help ripping boards in width
  • Can cut surfaces so they are flat
  • Can help crosscut panels and boards
  • Has saw mitered joints for accuracy cutting

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  1. Jointers


Jointers usually allow the woodworker to concentrate on creating an edge on the board and also help in removing any slight warps. Jointers are also commonly called surface planer in some countries. It is a machine that is used to make a flat surface over a board’s length. The machine is usually called a jointer because one of its primary functions is to produce a flat edge on the board before joining them with other wider boards.

Main features of a jointer:

  • Allows you to give straight edges to any board
  • Can help in cutting flat surfaces
  • Gives you the ability to remove any slight warps on a board

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  1. Planers

A planer, usually called a thickness planer across the world, is a woodworking machine that helps in trimming boards by giving them a consistent thickness. The machine is made out of three important parts; a cutter head, a set of rollers and a table which is adjustable in nature. Most planers in the market come with an adjustable table, but some also come with fixed table where the cutter and roller are adjustable only.

Main Features of a Planer:

  • A planer can help you mill boards to a thickness level you desire
  • It can also turn any rough stock into proper surfaced boards

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  1. Band Saws

SKIL-3386-01-25-Amp-9-Inch-Band-Saw-0-10A band saw is a woodworking power tool which incorporates a blade that has teeth on the metal. This tool is used to cut several different pieces. The tooth board allows the bandsaw to cut in uniform. These tools can be used for either metalworking or woodworking, but can also be used to cut other materials. The most basic use of bandsaw is to cut irregular or curved shapes.

Main features of a band saw

  • Can help in cutting variety of materials including metal, wood and meat
  • Can make straight cuts on most kind of boards
  • Can help even any uneven cuts

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  1. Drill Presses

Drill-PressesA drill press is a unique kind of drill that is usually mounted on a stand or bolted on a floor or a workbench.

Main features of a drill press:

  • Requires a lot less effort to install and gives several mechanical advantages to a woodworker
  • Offers maximum security when drilling
  • The angle of the drill allows for maximum accuracy
  • The motor of a drill press is two times more powerful than an ordinary hand drill offering more power

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  1. Miter Saws

Makita-LS0714-Quad-10-Amp-7-12-Inch-Sliding-Compound-Miter-Saw-0-3A miter saw is usually used to make accurate miters or crosscut in any given boards. The miter saw is available in two versions; powered and manual. The power miter saw is also known as drop saw which puts it in the category of power tools. This machine can help in framing or molding.

Main features of a miter saw:

  • Make quick and accurate crosscuts on a work piece
  • Allows framing operations
  • Helps in cutting of molding
  • Controlled motion of the blade offers maximum accuracy

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  1. Routers

routers-for-woodworkingA router is a relatively small tool that is used to hollow out an area on a hard board. It is typically used to work on hard wood or plastic. The modern router is driven by an electric motor and spindle which gives you more power and effortless work.

Main features of a router:

  • Enables you to shape edges
  • Cut rabbets, grooves and dadoes
  • Can help in making decorative joinery
  • Enables profile molding

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  1. JigsawsJigsaw

A jigsaw is a power tool that runs on an electric motor and a reciprocating saw blade. It has a bevel function on any sole plate that allows you to cut angles of up to 45 degrees. A jigsaw can be fit with 2 main types of blades. These include blade edge and thin blades. Since the blades on a jigsaw are relatively weaker than most other power tools, it needs precise control by the user. Usage of very high end and sharp blades are recommended to get the best results.

Main features of a jigsaw:

  • Allows freedom of control
  • Can cut small areas with 45 degrees of angle

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  1. Drills

DrillsThe drill is perhaps one of the most common tools available today and requires no introduction. It is a tool fitted with cutting attachment that usually drills into various materials. Drills are commonly used in variety of professionals. As a woodworker, a drill should definitely be one of the most basic tool available in your arsenal. Whether you cut metal or wood boards, you will require this tool in most applications.

Main features of the drill:

  • Can create drill holes on just about any board
  • Can help in removing screws quickly
  • Can help in creating new holes to join two surfaces

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  1. Sanders

SandersSanders are power tools that are used to smoothen a surface by using a sandpaper or abrasion. Sanders are equipped with the right means to attach any sandpaper that can then be used to fix a board. In woodworking, mostly electric sanders are used to smoothen the surface of the board.

Main features of sanders:

  • Sanders can smoothen any surface
  • Works great to smoothen up wood surfaces and give it a polished look
  • Electric motors are powerful to help in quick operation

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