A Review of the Milwaukee 6390-21Tilt-Lok Circular Saw


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Whether you are shopping around for a replacement for an existing saw that has seen its better days, or just starting out with your first circular saw of this type; the Milwaukee 6390-21Tilt-Lok Circular Saw has a lot of great features that might make it the ideal saw for you.

Most people who use circular saws want one that delivers a clean cut, is easy to handle and with the versatility to tackle a variety of materials.

The Milwaukee 6390-21Tilt-Lok Circular Saw is all of that and more!

One of the main things that might be on your list of must-haves in a power tool is that it comes from a brand you know and trust. Milwaukee is certainly such a brand, having been an industry leader since 1924. The company is known around the world for producing innovative power tools that are durable, powerful and made to last.

The Milwaukee Tilt-Lok Circular Saw does nothing to cast a shadow on the illustrious Milwaukee brand name.

You might appreciate a brief description of the Milwaukee 6390-21.

Description of the Milwaukee 6390-21Tilt-Lok Circular Saw

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With a powerful 15 amp, 3.25 horsepower motor, this saw is brawny enough to tackle those big jobs and provide precision cutting time after time.

As the lightest weight saw of its type, you can work for hours without experiencing much operator fatigue, making it more comfortable to use as well as safer.

Plenty of other innovative features make it a good bet for a DIY enthusiast or a pro!

Features of the Milwaukee 6390-21Tilt-Lok Circular Saw

Here are some of the great features found in the Milwaukee 6390-21Tilt-Lok Circular Saw:

  • Powerful motor can take on jobs both large and small
  • Cuts through a variety of materials
  • Lightweight and user friendly
  • Exclusive 8 position Tilt-Loc handle
  • Easy blade changes
  • Full bevel capacity

It may prove helpful to see the features, pros and cons broken down into a little more detail.

Pros & Cons of the Milwaukee 6390-21Tilt-Lok Circular Saw

We will start with the pros and features of the Milwaukee 6390-21 so that you get a birds eye view all laid out neatly and easy to assimilate.


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  • Powerful, heavy duty motor makes your tough jobs a breeze.
  • Soft grip handle tilts and adjusts for user comfort, plus locks for safety
  • Premium quality aircraft aluminum shoe
  • Long 5 year warranty

We’ll examine some of its features individually.

Powerful Motor

A heavy duty 15 amp 3.25 horsepower motor is powerful enough to handle your toughest jobs on a variety of materials, but is the lightest weight in its class which guarantees operator comfort and less fatigue.

Adjustable Handle

The revolutionary 8 position Tilt-Loc handle is exclusive to Milwaukee and opens up a whole new world of comfort and flexibility while working. It offers more control, making it easier and safer to operate.

Aircraft Aluminum

Constructed of the finest materials, the Milwaukee 6390-21 is made from aircraft aluminum… durable and built tough for many hours and years of service.

Extended Warranty

An extended 5 year warranty tells you that the Milwaukee Company is confident enough of this saw to stand behind it for a longer than average warranty period.

Now let’s look at the cons of the Milwaukee 6390-21Tilt-Lok Circular Saw.



  • No way to adjust the shoe
  • Rear attachment of shoes is somewhat flexible which can affect bevel angle
  • No brake

The Bottom Line

So, now you have seen a look at the good as well as the bad about the Milwaukee 6390-21Tilt-Lok Circular Saw and should have formed a much better idea about whether it is the saw to suit your purposes.

Overall, based on reviews of people who have purchased and used this saw, the good far outweighs the bad with only a handful of users having anything negative to say about it. As a matter of fact, you might be interested to know that it is rated an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, certainly nothing to sneeze at and testament to the fact that it is generally considered a good product.

If you need a powerful saw that is still relatively lightweight and capable of cutting through a range of materials, the Milwaukee 6390-21Tilt-Lok Circular Saw with a price tag of around $155 on Amazon might be ideal for your purposes.

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