Dewalt Dw716 Reviews: Powerful and Easy to Use Miter Saw Tool


With so many miter saws out there in the market, it becomes VERY difficult to find the “right one.” You need a special saw that does it all – a powerful and durable to that is extremely light weight, cuts accurately, and is safe and easy to use!

Well, if that is what you were looking for in a miter saws, then you won’t be disappointed with the DeWalt’s DW716 12-inch, double bevel compound miter saw.

The Dewalt DW716 controls are easy to hold, have solid grip, and extremely easy to move around and use. In addition, the thumb lever present alongside the miter lock control when engaged, lets the saw base to move freely about any degree cut. Not to mention, the DeWalt’s DW716 comes along with a nice and beefy dust bag, which is slightly different from other dust collection bags that are NOT heavy duty and easily let finer dust particles get outside of them.

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“Smooth Controls” Dewalt Dw716

The Dewalt DW716 controls have solid grip, easy to hold, and extremely easy to move around and use. In addition to this features, Dewalt 12 inch compound meter saw also features a thumb lever present alongside the miter lock control. When engaged, this thumb lever lets the saw base to move freely about any degree cut WITHOUT locking into the common notches that MOST miter arm would usually latch into.

“Weight and Durability” of Dewalt Dw716

Here’s a tool that is not OVERLY heavy, but very sturdy and durable. At 44 pounds, the Dewalt DW716 measures ONLY 27.5 x 18 x 20 inches. Likewise, the miter saw handle fits in the saw tool perfectly, allowing for the optimal ease and balance.

But the unique selling point (USP) of the Dewalt 12 inch sliding compound miter saw is the saw bevels that is present on both left and right side of the tool. There was a time when carpenters had to do away with only one miter, forcing them to double, and sometimes, triple check how they cut certain moldings. Not anymore!

With the dual bevel feature of Dewalt 12 inch compound miter saw, you never have to check your cuttings the second time.

Features of Dewalt 12 inch compound miter saw:

    The Dewalt Dw716 is powerful and durable as it contains 15.0 Amp, 3600 SPM motor.

  • The saw miter comes along with an adjustable steel miter detent that contains 11 +ve stops, thereby increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your cuts.
  • The innovative belt-drive design and the gearbox allows vertical cutting
  • The machine-based fence support and the accurate miter system allows for optimized and accurate cutting capability

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Customer Reviews and Scores

The Dewalt dw716 cuts is definitely the tool you want to include in your arsenal as it seems to be very accurate and has plenty of power to make any type of cutting job look easy.

As of writing this review, I found 96 customer reviews on Amazon and they had awarded the Dewalt 12 inch compound miter saw 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The overall reviews on Amazon are positive, however there were few people complaining about the cost of the Dewalt 12 inch sliding compound miter saw’s blades after upgrading from a 10 inch saw. Unfortunately, there’s nothing much you can do about that, just one small price you have to pay while buying this miter saw.

However, no one else seemed to have faced the same difficulties, so we don’t think the price is a huge issue. There were few customers who said, ” The cuts are very accurate and it has great power” and “Yes there are better saws Festool Kapex comes to mind,” and ” I checked the angles with a try square and they were absolutely perfect right out of the box.”

These positive attributes of Dewalt DW716 makes it very easy for us to recommend to YOU.

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The power and the ease at which this tool runs make it an ideal tool for any carpenters out there. The Dewalt DW716 is a great miter saw you can use on any project, whether small or big. It would have been even BETTER if the saw came with a crown clamp and crown fence, which majority of other miter saw included.

In addition, you should notice that Dewalt dw716 doesn’t have a safety switch, which otherwise, could have added a small safety feature on this saw.