Best Tile Saw reviews


Best Tile Saw reviews

A tile saw is a specialized and unique tool that is perfectly designed to assist you in cutting delicate tiles with efficiency and precision. Whether you are a handyman or a professional, you will find out that owning a perfect tile saw is vital to ensure the job is perfectly done if you are looking for the right tool, this write-up will be important in getting you informed about the most efficient tile saws.

It will further educator you on the different types of saws available, their features and anything that concerns them contractors and professionals find electric- powered tile saws more useful when cutting tiles. These tile saws enable them to do a good job within a very short time.

Top Ranked Tile Saws

You will find various types of tile saw with different prices, quality and purpose on the market. Considering your intended purposes, you can choose the most suitable on considering the tile saw reviews.

If you think of professional tiling work, you will have to consider a top ranged tile saw with a diamond blade. But, for a small job, you will not be required such heavy one. You may hire a tile saw for a small job as well, but it will not also save a lot and you never know if you will require them frequent or not.

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

SKIL 3540-02

  • Corrosive resistent stainless steel top supports tiles up to 12 x 12-in.
  • Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge for accurate straight and miter cuts
  • Blade cooling water reservoir to keep blade cool while minimizing dust and debris
  • Bevel cuts tile from 0 to 45 degrees

Tile saw comparison

What are tile saws?

Tiles are very interesting materials; you’ll find man-made and natural tiles made from several materials that include stones, porcelains and ceramics. One thing about tiles is that they are very delicate, they break out vary easily tile saws are therefore designed to cut these materials without creating damages on them tile saws are easy to operetta and safe to use.

They therefore give professionals and homeowners’ the results that they desire. When using carbide blades to cut the bitterness and hardness of tiles, tile always generate too much heat; it’s for this reason that water reservoirs are vital as they are used to spray the blades and materials in order to reduce the dust and keep them cool.

There are many tile saws from where you can choose from; you can get both table modals and handheld tile saws. Whenever you are choosing the type of tile saw you want to purchase, you must put into consideration the type of project that you are carrying out. This is a technical and special tool that must be purchased with certainty of what you want to use it for.

You must into consideration whether the work environment has electrical power or running water. You must also understand the nature of the work that you are going to carry out and many other things it’s important to note that handheld saws are perfect for small projects or during these moments when portability is vital.

Table modals give extra stability and this will assist you in handling larger materials. This will make it easier to cut multiple tiles uniformly. Tile saws vary widely in trams of costs and features; it’s therefore important to do an investigation on the options before deciding whether you need a used or a new modal.

Popular types of tile saws

There are 3 major types of tile saws as highlighted below:

1. Wet tile saws

  • Wet tile saws are the best cutting Tiles for most handy products. These tiles are similar to table saws. Always use a water reservoir to keep them cool whenever you are using them. Basically, there are two different types of wet tile-saws i.e. pump-loss wet tile saws and re-circulating pump wet tile saws.
  • Re-circulating pumps reuse water since they are capable of filtering; connecting them to faucets is never necessary. They are natural and only require a water source.
  • Pump-lass modals need water every time.

There are several wet tile saws that range from laser to basic types with stands. There are also several wet tile modals that are portable whose purpose is to perform simpler and smaller tasks.

2. Hand-hold tile saws

Hand-hold tile saws are also known as masonry saws. There are different types of these types of tile saws as mentioned below.

  • Dry hand-hold saws- these types of tile saws do not require water when using them. They are good for dry cuts as well as other small jobs.
  • Wet hand-hold saws- these modals of tile saws need water to operate. They must ho attached to water sources.
  • Wet/dry hand-hold saws- the users of these types of saws can carry on with their duties with or without water. Here, the user makes a choice on whether to use water or without.

Hand-held tile saws are smaller and cheaper as compared to wet tile saws that are bigger. Small tile saws are easy to carry making them more portable. What you just need to do is to plug them since you will not require any sat-up unless you are intending to do a wet cut. If you are intending to do a wet cut, ensure that you hook it up along a water source. For curved or add shaped cuts, these modal of tile saws perform excellently

3. Tile grinders

Tile grinders are actually the smallest they are the handiest of the three types. They are comparatively cheaper and you can get them at a very reasonable price. Operating them is very simple; you just need to plug them in and get underway with your assignment. Some of them are cordless and you can conveniently work with them. For add cuts tile grinders are the best.

Tile saw features

Different tile saws vary in terms of features. They differ in their features because of designs elements like water sources as well as optical features that are related to safety;

Water source

Tile saws can either reuse the Water stored in pump containers or can draw its source from garden hoses. There must be a line connection or a drain connection for draining excess water. Saws that use pumps when circulating Water are the most convenient when working away from Water sources or when saving Water usage. Pump-Lass saws have attachments to Water hoses. In such situations, the Water remains cleaner but you may need to use the tile saw at a place that is close to a Water supply.

Blade types

Blade types vary too because of their different functions. Wet/dry blades can be used with handheld wet saws that allow dry cutting. These are usually small in size. Wet diamond blades are designed to carry on their operations while they get cooled with water. They should only be used when doing wet cutting.

Blade capacity

Some of them have the ability to adjust the cutting head while adjusting the blades to different sizes. You may be required to buy tile saws that have these versatile features especially if you are carrying cut a project that involves different types of tiles.

Blade adjustment

You will find cut that most domestic tile projects require mitered and beveled cuts. In such situations, you will need to look for models that have blades that are adjustable for different cuts. A wide majority of table saws have mitered attachments.

Blade power

Powered torque required for cutting strong and heavy tiles is provided by motor horse powers. Lighter and handheld units that are below 1.5 horsepower will be of good use for thinner and smaller tiles. It’s important to consider buying a powerful model that will suit the assignment that you intend to carry cut. You must also factor the amount of cash that you have.

Overload protection

Thermal overload protection protects the motor from getting overheated and burning out eventually. If you got modals that are directly moto-driven, you will be more vulnerable. A big number of models have thee features; it‘s Therefore important to look for specifications so that you can be sure.

Guidelines for buying tile saws

Whenever you want to purchase tile saws, there are golden rules that you must follow. These rules are efficient and you must strictly follow them whenever you embark on a mission to purchase tile saws. Budget is a factor that you must put into consideration whenever you intend to purchase any household item.

In the market, there are various products that have varying colors, designs, appearance as well as usability you can make a comparison of the products discussed Here before making a decision on the typo of tile saw that you want to purchase.

Try to check the use rating of any product that you intend to purchase. Irrespective of the assignment that you want to carry out, all these products are reliable and safe. Never break the bank when purchasing any of these products. Have an established budget and operate within your means it’s also important to look for the best after sale services as well as any offer that is related to tile saws but always consider purchasing quality products. Purchasing a tile saw is making a big investment;

It therefore important to purchase these products if you are sure of using them more often. They are of great help and can assist you from unnecessary spending you may also come along some Lower quality products but you must never choose cheaper products since these are long-term investments. Ensure that quality materials are involved for superior strength and greater durability. Your Life will be much easier if you purchase a product that perfectly suits you.


If you are a professional in working with tiles or you are just one person who loves tile projects around your house, you’ll find out that haying perfect tile saws will always ease your tasks. There are numerous tile saws in the market; choosing the right tile saw is dependent on being aware on the exact purpose of the tile saw. It’s therefore important to look for a buyer’s guide that will highlight the different types of tile saws that are in the market and their features. This will most likely assist you to find the best tile saw that suits your needs.