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circular sawCircular saws are one of the most common power tools that are used by homeowners as well as professionals for different woodworking tasks.

Our aim here will be to provide you some insight into various aspects of circular saws ranging from the options available in terms of their blades to types of saws and the safety precautions you need to keep in mind while using them.

So let us check all these aspects in the next few sections.

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Complete Buyer’s Guide for Circular Saws

Some of the common features that a circular saw should have consist of:

  1. Electric Brake: The benefit of electric brakes is that you can immediately stop the saw by releasing the trigger.
  2. Ball Bearing Motor: This feature helps in increasing durability of the tool.
  3. Adjustable Handle: Allows the saw to be used in multiple positions resulting in better control and comfort.
  4. Heavy Duty Base: Bending can be avoided if the circular saw has a heavy duty base made up of reinforced steel or cast metal.

Circular Saw Types

The two main types of circular saws are in-line circular saws and worm-drive saws. Some of the differentiating factors between these two types of circular saws are the torque their motors provide and the location where the motor is situated on the device.

Let us now look at them in more detail here.

  1. In-Line Saws: These circular saws are also known as sidewinder saws since the motor is located perpendicular with the blade. This type of circular saw is the most preferred one used by homeowners since they are relatively light as compared to worm-drive saws and smaller in size as well. The main differentiating factor for in-line saws is their smaller motor which helps to make the saw lighter but the drawback is the lesser torque saw has. Due to this reason these are ideal for use in small projects where you need to cut through dry lumber.
  2. Worm-drive Saws: These saws are more preferred by professionals since they make cutting wood an easy task. The added torque they have helps to cut even wet wood, sheet metal as well as concrete. In a worm-drive saw the motor is situated parallel to blade on the left hand side and allows clear view to right hand users of the cut line. In comparison to in-line saws, these are much heavier and can be difficult for many to work with all day long.

Different Sizes of Circular Saw

The blades of circular saw come in different sizes with blade diameter starting from 3-3/8″ and the commonly used size being 7-1/4″.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the blades with more number of teeth will provide you with cleaner cut whereas those blades with less number of teeth will give you a faster cut but the edges will remain rough.

Uses of Circular Saw

Circular saws are used for cutting various things consisting of:

Uses of Circular Saw

  1. Different types of steel like hardened, mild and stainless steel
  2. Sheet metals and non-ferrous metals like copper, brass and aluminum
  3. Different types of plastics
  4. Abrasive materials like fiber board, reinforced plastic or cement boards
  5. Wooden materials and solid wood
  6. Chipboards, Melamine and Coated panels

Circular Saw – Blades

Circular Saw BladesThere are different types of blades and selection should be made depending upon the work to be accomplished.

Let us now look at some of the materials blades are made from since the material plays an important role in how well the blade performs.

  1. Steel Blades: These are relatively inexpensive and are good for cutting softwood but the problem with them is that they tend to dull away if used on hardwood.
  2. Carbide Blades: Such blades have carbide tips fixed to blade’s teeth and are a lot more sharp than steel blades but cost more.
  3. Diamond Blades: These have diamond tipped teeth and are commonly used for cutting glass, ceramic tiles and concrete.
  4. Abrasive Blades: Such blades are made using rough material and generally made use of in cutting brick, concrete, cinder block and similar other masonry products.

Circular Saw Safety Rules

Be it cordless or corded circular saw, the safety rules remain the same, in this section let us look at some of the critical safety rules that you need to follow while using them.

  1. Always wear hearing protection and safety glasses while operating a circular saw.
  2. Do not let the wood move around during cutting, if required clamp it down properly.
  3. Do not lift the saw while it is running or back it up, always stop it and after that lift it out.
  4. Avoid using it over chest level since it becomes hard to control it at that height.
  5. Check whether adjustment knobs are fitted correctly and blade guard is functioning properly before you start the work.

Factors to Consider When Buying Circular Saw

At the time of purchasing a circular saw you need to make sure it provides better visibility since you need to have a clear view of cut line while working.

Additionally, check whether the saw has easy blade changing facility where you do not require any tool to the change the blade.

The circular saw should also have dust blower which will remove the dust while you cut the wood and help to enhance visibility. The saw needs to have dust port which can be connected to a dust bag for collection of the sawdust that is produced.

At the time of purchase you also need to consider the work you will have to undertake and accordingly decide about the kind of blade that will be required and type of circular saw that will be suitable for the work.


As we can see a circular saw can be used for a variety of purposes and you need to select a saw based on the work you want to accomplish.  Few of the things you need to factor in consist of the type of blade to use and whether you want to use an in-line or worm-drive saw.

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